Here are some game tactics that will help when playing.


When ever cover is around use it. Press c to crouch in star wars republic commando on pc. Press other buttons when playing other games on other systems. You can use two major cover tactics.

1. Up and Down: Crouch to take cover from enemy shots you see while, standing up to shoot.

2. Side to side: Move side to side from a wall when using a wall as cover. A easy way to do it is to run behind the wall every 3 seconds and run out of cover every other 3 seconds.

Out of cover tricks

When there is no cover in sight these tricks may help.

1. Side to side: Press aa and dd to dodge enemy shots while, shooting ( only works on star wars republic commando ).

2. Get Back: When an enemy has a shot gun they have a close combat edge over enemies without them so, rapidly press ss while, shooting ( only works on star wars republic commando ).

3. Charge: Works best with a shot gun press ww to rapidly leap towards your enemies ( only works on republic commando )

4. Quick Crouch: Crouch while shooting in the middle of a fight every few seconds to increase accuracy and make yourself a harder target but, it will not be easy dodging grenades when doing this.

Head shots

1. In star wars republic commando headshots kill in 3 shots and they kill in one shot in call of duty.

2. In halo head shots kill quickly with battle rifles and carbines (they kill in one shot  if its with a sniper rifle).

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