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  • My occupation is jQuery18209628742036875337_1385734305205??????????????
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  • Pumacub100

    God Bless hey did you  read my post abot these sermons i hope soo

    you can check it out on my link

    ok now for Genises 1:1 god created the hevens and the earth.[Queshton to think adout: how was god created i meen if he all was egsisted then how did he get here?]

    hey do you have any Questons or Bible Vers Requests?

    from the Bible well just ask!!!!!!!

    and ill look it up in the Bible

    [i am a home scholer i have a lot of time]


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  • Pumacub100


    November 27, 2013 by Pumacub100

    hi do like star wars co

    mmandos game i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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