This page is the special zombie match mode called Zombie Civil War.


Over time the zombie primes (the masters of the zombies and 10 original zombies) felt that the zombies elites (geonosian zombies) were superior to the other classes. They descided to personally store a hidden army of zombie elites which was revealed. The zombie primes announced that they were the future of the zombies and they would replace the old zombies which would be left to perform basic tasks (most would not be allowed to fight and would starve to death if this happened) then the average zombies decided that they would rather feed themselves off of the zombie elites and the primes. This lead to a civil war in the zombie's territory that they had conquered.

These zombies fought ,but the average zombies determination and adrinaline showed that they were a great match for the zombie elites and more powerful than expect (esspecailly with the correct circumstances). One zombie announced that the only reason that the zombie elites had a higher sucess rate in combat was because they frightened there enemies by their appearence and by their reach. However, he stated that all zombies were fearless and that this was the true test for who was the most dominant breed. 

How it worksEdit

The host must type ~set dmgame validpawnclasses ctcharacters.geonosianwarrior. The zombie elites (geonosian zombies) are only allowed to melee with one weapon and only have one class. The other zombies can use multiple weapons of  their preference to melee with ,but zombies can only melee. Whenever you died wether your a zombie elite or a average zombie you will f7 (be infected) and aid the other team. The round ends when all players are on either team. Its a match of zombies vs zombies.

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